Sound the Shofar Prophetic Card (Set 1)


Zebulun Ap Centre together with Sandayoh Tribe of Rajawali Ap C (Indigenous people from the land of Sabah, Malaysia) present this FIRST shofar prophetic card set ! This card is inspired to help people align with God’s time and season through declaring the prophetic declaration and releasing the shofar sound each day.

1 Set : 30pcs (30 different designs, shofar sound and declarations)

Bilingual card:

Type 1: English and Chinese

Type 2: English and Bahasa Malaysia


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Instruction guides:

1. Choose your card for the day. You can follow the number according to the date of the month. You may close your eyes and pick the one that God has led you to choose.

2. You can either blow the shofar yourself or scan the QR- code on the card to release the prophetic shofar sound into your atmosphere.

3. Hear what God is speaking to you through the shofar sound. Declare the prophetic declaration on the card. Prophesy into your life.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.4 cm

English with Chinese, English with Malay


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