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Allen Faubion from the Ministry of Glory of Zion received from God about this CD with the anointing, proclaiming god’s dominion in every part of our lives and destroying the oppression of the enemy…And the Lord shall appear over them, and his arrow shall go forth as lightning, and the Lord GOD shall blow the trumpet, and shall go in whirlwinds of the south.(A 9:14) Why blow the horn?1. Release God’s will: Exes 19, Ps. 81, Ps. 150:3-5…2. Overcoming God’s enemies: Ny4:16-18, Book 6, Book 6-8…3. Opening the kingdom of God :1 Thess. 4, Rev. 4:1-2, Rev. 11:15-19…The horn is an important tool god gives us to use. When we blow it, we announce the coming of God’s glory and release the anointing;If there is no horn, it is recommended to play this disc continuously to experience God’s presence more deeply!

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