Ark of the Covenant


Ark (Hebrew: א ָ ר ledu dialect ֹ ן ה ָ ב ְ ּ ר ִ י ת ‎ ‎, Ā r not n H ā br and t), also called “ark”, is an ancient nation of Israel holy things, “about” means the contract concluded with the children of Israel, god and the ark of the covenant is placed the ark of god and the children of Israel made contract.The covenant refers to the two tablets of the ten commandments that the prophet Moses received from the Lord on mount sinai.
The ark of the covenant was a chest of acacia wood overlaid with gold on the outside. Inside it were two stone tablets inscribed with the ten commandments, a sprouting staff once used by Aaron, Moses’ brother, and a jar of gold containing the hidden manna, which prefaced Christ.On top of the chest were two cherubim made of gold. These two cherubim faced each other and made a space with their wings. This space represented the place where god was.In the eyes of the israelites in the old testament, the ark was a symbol of god’s presence.

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