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4 Winds instruction East 1.Experiencing the East Wind Allen Faubion 2.The Sound of the East Wind Vun Chung Tham 3.Echo~Responding to the East Wind 4.Prophesing to the East Wind South Wind 5.Experiencing the South Wind Allen Faubion 6.The Sound of the South Wind Stanley Lim 7.Echo~Responding to the South Wind 8.Prophesying to the South Wind West Wind 9.Experiencing the West Wind Allen Faubionx 10.The Sound of the West Wind Yisrael dam Kiew 11.Echo~Responding to the West Wind 12.Prophesying to the West Wind North Wind 13.Experiencing the North Wind Allen Faubion 14.The Sound of the North Wind Allen Faubion 15.Echo~Responding to the North Wind 16.Prophesying to the North Wind 17.Four Winds Complete 18.Teaching Introduction 19.Teaching (Eze 37:9-10)Then he said to me,”Prophesy to the breath; prophesy,son of man and say to it,”This is what the Sovereign LORD says:Come,breath,from the four winds and breathe into these slain,that they may live.”I prophesied as he commanded me,and the breath came into them,and they lived, and stood on their feet,a vast multitude.

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